Pound Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong [22°17'3.02"N 114° 8'49.35"E]
Street, Yangon, Myanmar[16°77'68.99"N 96°15'32.02"E]
Keeping heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future
"Keeping heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future"

Feasibility Studies

How to make heritage preservation financially feasible?
We build the business case for repurposing old buildings and revitalising historic districts.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies
Buildings Repurposed
Million US$ Investment
Developer Dialogues

GAM Mawlamyine


Mawlamyine, Myanmar, 2017

  • Client: Asian Development Bank (GMS Corridor Towns 3)
  • Role: Urban Renewal/ Heritage Conservation Specialist
  • Project: Design and feasibility study for repurposing historic General Administration Building into government one-stop-shop service centre
  • Result: Building will be renovated as part of ADB Technical Assistance to Mon State

Thakhek Old Town

Thakhet Old Town

Thakhek, Laos, 2017-18

  • Client:Asian Development Bank (GMS Corridor Towns 4)
  • Role: Urban Renewal and Heritage Conservation Specialist
  • Project: Assessment of development potential of heritage assets in Thakhek (Laos) and Kampong Cham (Cambodia) as a tool for economic development and promotion of city competitiveness
  • Result: Small grant scheme for privately owned properties; business case for adaptive re-use and/or upgrading of publicly owned heritage properties

Heritage Homes Yangon

Heritage Homes Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar, 2017

  • Client: Doh Eain
  • Role: Strategic Advisor
  • Project: Assist in setting up social enterprise aimed at heritage conservation and urban renewal in Yangon through a resident targeted approach for renovating residential properties
  • Result: 6 completed renovation projects, 5 ongoing projects

Tourism Burma Building

Repurposing Tourism Burma Bldg

Yangon, Myanmar, 2017

  • Client: Turquoise Mountain Foundation
  • Role: Advisor on investment packages
  • Project: Advising on investor mix, packages and pitching documentation for repurposing of former Ministry of Tourism Building in Yangon into multi-purpose art, craft and creative industries centre
  • Result: Assisted in raising US$6million to kick-start renovation

Adpative Re-use Case Studies

Adaptive reuse HK SG SH

Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, 2017

Heritage Buildings Yangon

Feasibility Studies for Heritage Buildings Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar, 2016

Fort Frederick, Trincomalee

Adaptive reuse trinco-fort-frederick

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, 2015

Three Properties in Semarang

Semarang feasibility studies

Semarang, Indonesia, 2008

Tax Inspectorat Building, Medan


Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2006

  • Client: Royal Netherlands Embassy Jakarta
  • Partner: Badan Warisan Sumatra (BWS)
  • Role: Heritage Economics Expert
  • Project: Trained a local NGO in design and feasibility study for old tax office in the city of Medan under threat of demolition
  • Result: Owner took on board NGOs recommendations and integrated a heritage structure in new development as a clubhouse
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