Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam [16°28'3.23"N 107°34'35.22"E]
Street, Yangon, Myanmar[16°77'68.99"N 96°15'32.02"E]
Keeping heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future
"Keeping heritage alive for a vibrant and viable urban future"

Heritage Planning

We help to develop policies and instruments to revitalise old neighbourhoods with respect to the historic fabric.

Heritage Planning

Urban Regeneration Plans
Million US$ Investment
Local Planners Equipped
UNESCO World Heritage Listing

Upgrading Plan Thakhek Town


Thakhek, Laos, 2017-18

  • Client: Asian Development Bank (GMS Corridor Towns 4)
  • Role: Urban Renewal / Heritage Conservation Specialist
  • Project: Assessment of development potential of heritage assets in Thakhek (Laos) and Kampong Cham (Cambodia) as a tool for economic development and promotion of city competitiveness
  • Result: Analysis of historical significance and outstanding values of the urban heritage assets; investment plan for heritage led upgrading of old towns

New Urban Agenda Training Toolkit


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2017

Planning for World Heritage Cities

Planning for world heritage cites

Bali, Indonesia, 2016

  • Client: Dutch Culture Fund / Ministry of Public Works Indonesia
  • Partners: Institute of Asian Studies / UNESCO
  • Role: Trainer / Facilitator
  • Project: Investment programme for heritage-led area-based urban upgrading in three streets in the historic core
  • Result: Responsible civil servants of three of Indonesia’s candidate cities (Jakarta Kota Tua, Sawalunto and Semarang) familiar with heritage management requirements for World Heritage Listing

Heritage Led Urban Regeneration Plan

Heritage Led Urban Regeneration Plan Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar, 2016

Heritage Management Action Planning

Capacity building Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar, 2013

Heritage Management Plan for Hue

Heritage mgt plan for Hue

Hue, Vietnam, Aug-Dec 2013

Urban regeneration in Tbilisi

Dialogue on urban rengen tiblisi georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, Oct 2013

  • Client: Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia
  • Partner: Tiflis Hamkari
  • Role: Strategic Advisor Heritage Economics
  • Project: Assistance to Ministry of Culture and Tiflis Hamkari to re-establish the cultural heritage conservation dialogue to support private sector investment for renovation of historic properties
  • Result: Start of collaborative effort between Ministry of Culture and Economics to renew legal framework

Guizhou Cultural Strategy


Guizhou, China, Dec 2010

  • Client: World Bank / Guizhou Government
  • Partner: Tongji University / EASEN International
  • Role: Heritage Economics & Cultural Tourism Specialist
  • Project: Community based sustainable tourism in Guizhou province, including village infrastructure, restoration of ancient historic buildings and protection and marketing of intangible heritage
  • Result: US$20million investment in upgrading of old towns in Guizhou province

Istanbul Urban Regeneration Pilot

participant istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey, Mar 2006 – Aug 2008

Action Planning for Heritage Cities

participant istanbul

Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004 – 2006

  • Client: Royal Netherlands Embassy through Urban Solutions
  • Partner: Badan Warisan Sumatra
  • Role: Heritage Economics Expert / Facilitator
  • Project: Capacity building programme for heritage societies in Sumatra. Three one-week workshops and continuous technical assistance to assist development of action plans
  • Results: 10 heritage action plans for 10 cities in Sumatra, of which two have been executed: community heritage awareness campaign in Aceh and prevention of demolition of historic structure in Medan